World Leading Component Cleaning Machines

WashMaster is a leading British supplier of advanced component cleaning machines and coating equipment, with a wide range of products ranging from degreasing machines, automotive part cleaners,component cleaning machines , ultrasonic cleaning machines and industrial part washers.
industrial part washers.

Our aim is to help you chose the right product to meet your cleaning needs and help find you the right product for the job. We stock major ultrasonic cleaner manufactures including Ransohoff and Blackstone Ney. We also represent and supply machine fixtures and component baskets from Kogel GmbH.

Why are clean components important?

Clean Components mean better Quality Control. Measuring, inspecting and checking components as they move through your production processes are central to maintaining and improving quality and reducing wastage, rejects, failures and warranty issues. Cleaning components – by the removal of swarfe, grease, oil and other contaminates – makes your inspection easier, the process more hygienic and contributes to a fresher, more sterile working environment.

How do I choose a cleaning system that’s right for me?

With so many component cleaning options and machines you could be puzzled as to what’s right for your business. Tap into our experience. We can help and advise you on your best option for your specific need including ultrasonic cleaning systems, solvent cleaning systems, spray washers and immersion cleaning systems. Our team’s vast experience ranges from in-process cleaning for the automotive industry to final cleaning of precision parts for the most critical medical implant manufacturers.

Which cleaning solutions should I consider?

The cleaning industry uses a number of component cleaning solutions. Water-based, aqueous degreasers, citrus degreasers and petroleum based chemistries are readily available. Of course ‘environmentally friendly’ based solutions for parts washing is most important – water being a prime consideration. We usually recommend water based options linked to machines offering ultrasonic cleaning. It is this blend that really enhances the cleaning effect. Importantly we will advise you which combination of cleaning ‘liquid’ and machine will work best for your components… just ask us.

Which equipment works on my components?

We invite you to bring along some of your dirty components to our Test Lab in Bradford where we have a range of equipment to clean them. We’ll practically demonstrate which is the best component cleaning system and solutions to meet your needs including the astonishing ultrasonic method. Simply pick up the phone and call 01274 668267 to arrange a visit.

How much will it cost?

Once we’ve talked and agreed which component cleaning equipment is suitable for your situation then we will provide you with a full proposal, including all the data you need to ensure you understand what we are recommending and how much it will cost. In some cases we will also suggest other options to meet your budget.