Our knowledge and experience, developed over many years, means we are well placed to answer your questions and we are happy to talk about your component cleaning needs and the selection of appropriate equipment, washing solutions and accessories. Call us on 01274 668267

A few frequent questions clients initially asked include:

  • YES. We always prefer that you allow us to test your actual production parts at our ‘Test Lab’ in Bradford, prior to placing an order. This gives us a chance to demonstrate a number of cleaning processes and give you piece of mind that you are making the right equipment purchase. We will also provide a formal test report summarising the exact process and test parameters used and help you decide on cleaning fluids, filtration, oil skimming and other accessories. 

  • The basis on any cleaning process is a combination of washing solution – be it solvent or water; the agitation method; the temperature of the cleaning fluid; the level of component contamination; the type of cleaning equipment; the number of parts to be cleaned at any one time and the rinse and drying system. As a key part of our customer service we are happy to initially propose some options. All we ask is that you email the enquiry form and we will contact you. 

  • We can recommend and supply the required chemistry to suit your equipment needs. Importantly we also have close links with a worldwidechemistry manufacturer providing products, technical advice and information in support of our clients.

  • At inception and initiation of the equipment we produce a detailed report showing the cleanliness and dryness of the process. This report establishes the cleaning values and criteria and acts as a guideline and reference document for your workforce for the maintenance of agreed standards.

  • We do carry a small number of nearly new machines that have been solely used in our test area.  These are sold from time to time and are generally offered at very reasonable rates. Please call us to check availability and prices – 01274 668267