Component Cleaning Machines

There are wide range of machines, combinations and options to suit your cleaning needs. Ultrasonic cleaning, oil removal, metal fragment removal and surface coating all and more designed to improve process efficiency, reduce downtime due to re-working and to create a better working environment.
Our aim is to help you chose the right product to meet your needs. Here are a selection of the most popular options. Please remember however that we are here to help and are happy to talk about your best options. Simply call 01274 668 267.

RB SERIES – Rotary basket immersion & spray cleaning system

What it does: Immersion cleaning systems using our patented washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, rotation, hydraulic purging through immersion, and heated blow-off drying.
Ideal for: Used in all sectors of the engineering industry from Automotive to Medical, This machine will achieve the cleanliness results you require.

GM SERIES – Large single tank ultrasonic cleaning system

What it does: Ultrasonic immersion machine available in two Basket sizes. The powerful ultrasonic energy of these units is enhanced by oil removal surface skimming systems and particle filtration to provide a high level of cleanliness to your components. Ideal for: Used in all sectors of the engineering industry but predominantly in the Automotive re-build sector and inter-operational machining processes.

AGISONIC – Ultrasonic immersion tank with power lift / lower platform

What it does: Our range of Ultrasonic Immersion tanks complete with Automatic lift / lower platforms to give the combined effect of Ultrasonic and Hydraulic purging. A surface skimming system and particle filtration enhance the cleaning performance. Ideal for: Used in all sectors of the engineering industry.

SUBMERSIBLE TRANSDUCERS – Immersible ultrasonic transducers

What it does: Our sturdy transducers are built for the industrial environment. Available in a range of frequencies and coupled with our range of “state of the art” generators. These units can be sized to fit your existing immersion tanks. Ideal for: Suitable for a wide range of industries where the need for powerful and reliable ultrasonic cleaning is require

ULTRASONIC BENCH TOP UNITS – Small single tank ultrasonic system

What it does: Built for the harsh industrial sector and not to be confused with the lightweight units available. These units give a powerful cleaning action in a range of frequencies. Coupled with our Generators they out-perform the competition every time. Ideal for: Suitable for all industries where cleaning of single components or small batches is required. They are a favourite in the Turbo Charger re-build field.


What it does: Whether it’s a Washing Process or Material handling system our baskets / carriers can be designed to suit your specific needs. Holding of parts to give the correct attitude during the cleaning process is of prime importance to achieve the cleanliness required.
Ideal for: Used in all engineering sectors.

WASTE WIZARD – Recycling ultrafiltration system

What it does: Our WasteWizard® ultrafiltration system is a compact, fully-integrated system for point-of-use recycling. Oil-water emulsions are typically encountered in cleaning systems where synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants and lubricants are combined with detergents, or where fatty acids are cleaned with alkaline solutions. The waste Wizard will help achieve much longer wash solution life along with enhanced part cleanliness. Ideal for: These systems are used in the industrial washing and coolant recycling processes.

QUADRANT COATER – Automatic spray coating machine

What it does: Our parts coating machine is aimed at the “high end” coating industries where accurate coating of components is required along with minimal losses of expensive coating materials. Coatings used include water and solvent based speciality paints and lubricants. Ideal for: Used in the Aerospace and automotive industries for the coating of components ranging from fasteners and seals through to turbine blades.