Work Baskets & Carrier Fixtures

Holding and securing parts during ultrasonic washing immersion and drying and transporting components between operations is indispensable. To complement our cleaning machines we have a quality and robust range of standard sized and specialist baskets and fixtures that can be used for safe and stable parts protection.

Specialised Baskets and Part carriers.

We are the UK representatives for “Kogel” a world class manufacturer of stainless steel wire baskets and carriers. Whether for use in washing plant or for the transportation of parts through production, we have the perfect solution for your needs.
For instance the ‘RK Basket System’ – consists of a large assortment of wire baskets in various mesh sizes with accessories such as covers, sealable lids, partition rods, support borders and inlay plates.
This is complimented by the RK Clip System – a range of pre-formed clips designed to fit inside the baskets to grip, protect and provide best all-over cleaning especially for susceptible pieces and components. The ‘clips’, calculated to make the most of the size and layout of the baskets and therefore efficiently house the maximum number of components, can be supplied as standard items or bespoke to suit component requirements.

Basket Accessories